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2019 Air Show flies high over crowds

Maverick and Goose were not on hand for the Wild West Air Show on July 24th, but the Navy Leap Frogs, the Air Force Thunderbirds, and a slew of amazing pilots were available to wow the crowds with some amazing arial acrobatics.

The local Air National Guard opened up their air base on Wednesday to allow civilians to come in and see some of the amazing planes that were on display. Not only were spectators allowed to see the planes as they flew, once landed many planes were open for visitors to sit inside.

The Navy opened the show with an amazing display of patriotism with a parachute drop of the Leap Frogs along with an American Flag.

Cheyenne Mayor Orr was also on hand to jump for the first time as well. The rest of the day was filled with stunts and acrobatics that would take the breath of the average citizen, and while the show was forced to close about an hour early because of the weather, it could not have been more amazing.

From the Giant ANG 21534 to the smallest SNB5 the planes that were on display offered spectators a chance to experience life in the cockpit even if it was just for a minute or two, and onsite simulators let show goers experience flight.

All in all the Wild West Air Show was a fantastic show of airmanship with just enough food and bouncy houses thrown in to keep everyone entertained.