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2019 Airshow Schedule
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USAF Thunderbirds 2019 Airshow Schedule

Show Season

The Thunderbirds have the privilege and responsibility to perform for people all around the world, displaying the pride, precision and professionalism of American Airmen. In every hour-long demonstration, the team combines years of training and experience with an attitude of excellence to showcase what the Air Force is all about.

The sharply choreographed, drill-style ground ceremony kicks off the demonstration by showcasing the attention to detail and esprit de corps that defines our enlisted members. As the jets take to the skies and fly only a few feet from wingtip to wingtip, the crowd gets a glimpse of the awesome skills and capabilities that all fighter pilots must possess. The solo pilots integrate their own loud and proud routine, exhibiting some of the maximum capabilities of the F-16 Fighting Falcon – the Air Force’s premier multi-role fighter jet.

2019 Show Season Schedule:

February 3: Super Bowl LIII, Atlanta, Georgia (Flyover)

February 17: Daytona 500, Daytona Beach, Florida (Flyover)

March 3: Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Las Vegas, Nevada (Flyover)

March 23-24: Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona – “Thunder and Lightning Over Arizona”

March 30-31: Travis AFB, California – “Thunder over the Bay”

April 6-7: Waco, Texas – “Heart of Texas Air Show”

April 27-28: Seymour Johnson AFB, North Carolina – “Wings over Wayne Air Show”

May 4-5: Keesler, AFB, Mississippi – “Thunder over the Sound Air Show”

May 11-12: JB Andrews, Maryland – “JB Andrews Air Show”

May 18: Kirtland AFB, New Mexico – “Kirtland AFB Air Show”

May 25-26: Wantagh, New York – “Jones Beach Air Show”

May 30: USAF Academy, Colorado

June 8-9: Fort Wayne, Indiana – “Fort Wayne Air show”

June 15-16: Mankato, Minnesota – “Minnesota Air Spectacular”

June 22-23: Dayton, Ohio – “Dayton Air Show”

June 29-30: Traverse City, Michigan

July 13-14: Rionegro, Antioquia, Colombia

July 20-21: Fargo, North Dakota – “Fargo Air Show”

July 24: Cheyenne, Wyoming – “Cheyenne Frontier Days”

July 27-28: Milwaukee, Wisconsin – “Milwaukee Air and Water Show”

August 10-11: Abbotsford, British Columbia – “Abbotsford International Air Show”

August 17-18: Sioux Falls, South Dakota – “Sioux Falls Air Show”

August 21: Atlantic City, New Jersey – “Atlantic City Air Show”

August 24-25: Rochester, New York – “Rochester International Air Show”

August 31- September 2: Cleveland, Ohio – “Cleveland National Air Show”

September 7-8: Grissom ARB, Indiana – “Grissom Air Reserve Base Air Show”

September 14-15: Reno, Nevada – “National Championship Air Races”

September 21-22: NAS Oceana, Virginia – “Naval Air Station Oceana Air Show”

September 28-29: Robins AFB, Georgia – “Robins AFB Air Show”

October 5-6: San Juan, Puerto Rico – “Puerto Rico International Air Show”

October 12-13: Hampton, Georgia – “Atlanta Air Show”

October 19-20: Houston, Texas – “Wings Over Houston Air Show”

October 26-27: Sheppard AFB, Texas – “Sheppard AFB Air Show”

November 2-3: Punta Gorda, Florida – “Florida International Air Show”

November 16-17: Nellis AFB, Nevada – “Aviation Nation”